Philip Powell, the elders and management team of Christian Witness Ministries Fellowship, Brisbane and representing the wider international Christian Witness Ministry make the following statement regarding the public involvement by Moriel in what could have remained a discussion among brethren.

For the sake of the unity of the Body of Christ there will be no further interaction by us on this issue. In fact any response will only be a re-issuing of this statement.

We in no way condone untruthful statements that have been made against Philip, but we are prepared for the sake of the Gospel and the Glory of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to allow the matter to rest and place everything in the Lord’s Hands, and to apologise for any antagonism caused. His work and His glorious Kingdom and His children are more important than anything. Satan is seeking to divide us all, and to get people to "take sides" and enter into a "party spirit". We are on the side of Truth.

There have been and always will be disputes about the interpretation of scripture regarding the Rapture of the Church and Christ’s Second Coming. One thing we do know is that we have TO BE READY for the day known only to The Father – Maranatha.

We continue to pray for Jacob Prasch, Moriel and restoration of friendships and fruitful ministry and even defence of the faith. May the WILL of the LORD be done in ALL things.

In the Master’s Service,
CWM Fellowship

CWM Elders
CWM Management

Brian Dinsdale
Steve Pinch
Jeff Pitman
Philip Powell
Frank Turvey

This Response in pdf format can be downloaded here


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