The editor and volunteers who produce CETF would like to thank all who wrote letters. It was uplifting and comforting hearing your kind words of blessing and support, and we look forward to hearing from more of you in future. We welcome any theological questions or issues that you would like answers for, insomuch as we might help you and others pondering the same questions.

May our God and Saviour keep you all,

The CETF Team.

Thank you very much for continuing to faithfully send me CETF. Philip’s testimony and article which was printed was so inspiring and he was such a blessing, and also the reprinting of the editorial of the December 2006 edition. I hope that Philip’s family are going OK. He was such a good writer. In God’s Love

A Padget (QLD)

Thank you all so very much for teaching us the truth of God’s word and warning us of the wolves in sheep’s clothing over many years. The ministry of CWM has been a blessing to me.

Thank you so much for all your faithfulness to what the Lord has called you to do. Your reward is with Him kept safe.

Yours sincerely

L Justin

I have just received my copy of CETF magazine, and wanted to say a big thank you. I love your magazine, but I thought you must have stopped printing it. I even tried to find out your address in order to write to you and ask if you were still in the ministry, but couldn’t find your address. Imagine how happy I was when I receive your magazine yesterday.

G Fallon (WA)

Wow!! What a surprise to find CETF in my mailbox! I was thinking, I guess, with lots of others that the magazine had come to a close .... but PRAISE GOD – NOT SO! I am so happy that Philip’s work is continuing and pray that THE LORD will provide the anointing of THE SPIRIT that the work will continue. I enjoyed reading the articles and look forward to more. May THE LORD richly bless your ministry. God Bless.

W Glanville (QLD)

What a joy and pleasant surprise it was to receive the latest CETF! Thank you for your apology in taking so long for this edition to come out but no apology needed. I was more than content to allow the LORD to have His way with CWM/CETF and to wait and see in what direction He would lead you.

Obviously, He has kept you on the straight and steady, continuing the good work He has begun in you. I love the new look and the continuing excellent articles that encourage and exhort; don’t ever compromise! God bless you all and keep CETF!

S Broyden (Canada)

Greetings! We were so pleased to receive the lastest CETF Magazine, and we readily accept Michael’s apology as I’m sure it’s no easy task he has now! ... We were pleased to see (on Page 14 of #70) the article about “Biblical Eldership” (via Alexander Strauch). Our little fellowship (a continuing Congregational church) is using this method and it works very well!! We have a real sense of oneness and unity, all glory to God! We do not have a pastor. God bless you all in this New Year

B & R Goodall (SA)

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