The Islamization of the World

Compiled By Lance Goodall

The mega mosque business is booming around the world. Maryland, Marseille, Murfreesboro, and the Mediterranean are all earmarked for a mosque. Although some might see it as nothing more than a franchising of Islam, the rise of these megaliths is much more than another McDonalds opening in your suburb!

Murfreesboro, a city in the heart of Tennessee, and, Marseille, France’s second-largest city and its largest city on the Mediterranean coast, have few things in common. The two cities are separated by nearly 5,000 miles, and by equally wide divisions of language and culture. And yet Murfreesboro and Marseille are connected by a common challenge. Both cities are struggling against the creeping rise of the mega mosques.

0501Why is it such a big deal that a Muslim community is simply trying to build a house of worship?

Let’s start with a little math. Murfreesboro, TN is located in Rutherford County which has just over 100,000 residents. According to estimates provided by the Islamic Centre of Murfreesboro, there are 200 to 300 Muslim families living in the area. When they announced their plans to build a 53,000 square foot mega mosque, a lot of questions came up. Who is paying for this massive compound?

What will it really cost to build at 53,000 square feet, when the project is completed? How many millions of dollars will “45 active members” be coming up with – and where is all this money coming from?

Now the question of who is paying for this Islamic compound and why is it so big, begs another question:

Why is it that after 9/11, mosque construction in America has nearly doubled, when Muslims make up just 1% of the population. [1]

In both the above cases elected officials did their best to aid the mega mosques while ignoring local residents and the law.

The Marseille mega mosque has a proposed capacity of 7,000 seat which would make it the largest mosque in France, overshadowing the Ervy mosque which has a mere 5,000 seats. Both of these French mega mosques would have been dwarfed by a proposed London mega mosque with 12,000 seats and usability targets as high as 40,000. If the London mosque is ever built, it will dominate the Mosque of Rome, currently the most mega of all the mega mosques of Western Europe.

The Ground Zero Mosque, located near the site of the 2001 terrorist attack, had a more modest 2,000 seating capacity plan, but would be taller than most of the mega- mosques with a proposed 100,000 square feet of space. The Park51’s project at Ground Zero, a 15-story mosque/community centre, led by developer Sharif El-Gamal and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, has dwindled to a much smaller vision, a four or five- storey ‘PrayerSpace’ and community centre. This may be a far cry from their original plan, but many are still bewildered as to why they are still moving ahead with any planned mosque at this site given the tremendous negative opinion most Americans have of its location.[2]

The first part of the mosque opened on the 19 th Sept 2011.

Americans overwhelmingly opposed the Ground Zero mosque, but why was it being considered in the first place? Molotov Mitchell explores what’s really going on in his in- depth, investigative documentary, “The Mosque.”


Controversial space: The buildings that are to become the Park51 mosque, just two blocks from the twin towers

This would make it larger than the Marseille mega mosque, the Murfreesboro mega mosque and the London mega mosque. But despite their differences in size, all four mega mosque projects have followed the same pattern of lawsuits, public protests, exposures of shady mosque backers and public officials eager to look the other way.

The Cologne mega mosque in Germany has also followed the same pattern and is set to become the biggest mosque in Germany; but big is never big enough. The Stockholm mega mosque was finished in 2000, with a capacity of 2,000, but a decade later there was already a proposal to replace it with an even larger mega mosque.

At its current size the Stockholm mega mosque had already managed to feature sermons in support of Islamic terrorism and serve as a recruitment centre for Al-Qaeda. At several times the size the situation could only get worse.[3]

In yet another common pattern of mega mosques, the Stockholm mega mosque was funded primarily by Sheikh Zayed, the ruler of the United Arab Emirates. The Cologne mega mosque was primarily funded by Turkey’s Islamist government. The Marseille mega mosque is being funded by a number of foreign Muslim governments.

Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan has said,

The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers.[4]

The foreign funding of mega mosques has raised the question of whether Muslim governments are constructing their own barracks and armies in the middle of European cities. In some cases the militarization of the mega mosque is so overt that it might as well be a bayonet. One of the most blatant examples may be the Copenhagen mega mosque with a capacity of 3,000 which is being financed by Iran. Iran has already constructed another mega mosque in Helsinki and has similar plans all across Europe and the world.

The Copenhagen mega mosque’s Imam is Mohammed Mahdi Khademi who ran the ideology department of the Revolutionary Guard Militia, an arm of the theocratic regime, which was designated a foreign terrorist organization by the United States. It would be hard to imagine a more explicit example of mega mosque militarization than a regime that sponsors acts of worldwide terror funding a mega mosque headed by the former Islamist political commissar of its terrorist wing.


Mosque Mania

Not to be left out, the Sunnis [I] are getting their own Copenhagen mega mosque funded by Saudi Arabia. This will involve an architectural “mountain” across from the University of Copenhagen topped by two minarets, transforming the Sunni-Shiite rivalry into a competition to create the biggest Islamist monolith in a city generally known for a quieter brand of architecture.

It’s not only in the West that the mega mosques are rising. In Moscow, Muslims have taken over entire streets to call for the construction of new mosques, and the Saudis have already offered to cover the cost.

In China, Saudi money has been transforming mosque designs from the Chinese pagoda to the dome and minaret favoured by their new patrons. The more traditional Chinese look of the Great Mosque of Xi’an is making way for the Xiguan Mosque, a monstrous 3,000 capacity mega mosque which looks as if a chunk of Saudi Arabia had been dropped into the middle of Lanzhou.

In Argentina, a year after the bombing of the Jewish centre by Muslim terrorists, President Carlos Menem, who has been accused of complicity in the attack, allotted 7.5 acres of public land to build the King Fahd Islamic Cultural Centre, the largest mosque in Latin America. It overshadows the Caracas mega mosque in Venezuela which has a capacity of 3,500. Both mega mosques were built by the Saudi royal family.

For now the Islamic Centre of America, located in sunny Dearborn, Michigan where Christians can expect to be stoned if they get too close, is the largest mega mosque in the United States. The Shiite mega mosque was already the target of a Sunni Islamic terrorist plot. Nearby is the Sunni Dearborn Mosque which claims the same capacity in an extension of the Sunni-Shiite rivalry. But so long as there’s oil money fuelling the projects then the mega mosques will keep on growing.

From Markham in Canada down to New York City, and from the West Midlands in the United Kingdom to Sydney, Australia, cities around the world are facing the same threats to their communities. For Muslim states the mega mosque is a tool of power giving them the ability to centralize control of overseas Muslims with a single facility in a single city. For non-Muslim countries, the mega mosque is a centre of subversion and terrorism. As the mega mosque projects grow explosively across the country and the world, so does the resistance to the long shadows that they cast.

Turkish Delight

Amongst the woodlands of Maryland in the USA, the government of Turkey is investing heavily in building a 15- acre, $100 million mega-mosque in Lanham. Turkey’s Prime Minister Erdogan visited the site on May 15 2013, as part of his official visit to the U.S.A. The state of Maryland was officially represented at the event by its Secretary of State John McDonough.


The Maryland USA Mosque under construction – April 2013

The event was also attended by two leaders of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood, which is a worldwide Islamist organization founded in Egypt in 1928 by Hassan al-Banna that seeks to implement Sharia- based governance globally.

The mega-mosque is called the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Center and, according to the Muslim Link, it “will likely become the largest and most striking example of Islamic architecture in the western hemisphere” when it is finished in 2014. The Muslim Link explicitly says it is “a project of the government of Turkey.”

In May 2013, Prime Minister Erdogan spoke to hundreds of people at the construction site, and said he’d come back for the opening ceremony next year.


Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan

He warned the audience that there are groups promoting “Islamophobia.” Speaking at Kanal D TV’s Arena program, PM Erdoğan commented on the term “moderate Islam”, often used in the West to describe AKP and said,

These descriptions are very ugly, it is offensive and an insult to our religion. There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam and that’s it.

In June 1997, he stated,

The Jews have begun to crush the Muslims of Palestine, in the name of Zionism. Today, the image of the Jews is no different from that of the Nazis.[5]

Unwarranted fear of Muslims; a term frequently used by Islamist groups and their allies to label critics of Islamic extremism as bigots in order to stifle criticism. According to Abdur-Rahman Muhammad, a former member of a U.S. Muslim Brotherhood front group (IIIT),

This loathsome term is nothing more than a thought-terminating cliché conceived in the bowels of Muslim think tanks for the purpose of beating down critics, branding potential critics as paranoid bigots.

Erdogan recently said that “Islamophobia” and Zionism are equivalent to fascism and anti- Semitism, saying they are a “crime against humanity.”

Terrorism expert and WND video columnist Erick Stakelbeck explains that the Muslim Brotherhood’s secret plans are for first “charming” the United States then destroying it.

In Stakelbeck’s book, The Brotherhood: America’s Next Great Enemy, he explains the leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood aren’t bound by turban and beard, hiding out in caves like other terrorists, but are Western educated, fluent in English and out in the open. Stakelbeck says, “That charming facade and veneer hides a sinister agenda, and at the end of the day they share the same goals as al-Qaida.”[6]

The Turkish government has been quietly spreading its influence in the U.S. With Congress’ help, thousands of Turkish contractors and their families may be flooding into America’s heartland and settling in semi-autonomous zones of the Native Americans, well out of the reach of American authorities.

The Clarion Project also reported on the Turkish Fethullah Gulen school network in America, which is currently under FBI investigation. The network is the largest charter school network in America. It is the same network that has been a critical component in Turkey’s on- going transformation from a secular democracy into an Islamic state.[7]

Erdogan’s Ego

Erdogan and his Islamist government calls Hamas a “resistance” group, despite the fact that Hamas specifically targets Israeli civilians with suicide bombings and rocket attacks. Not surprisingly, Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal is a big admirer of Erdogan.

Since taking office in 2003, Erdogan has been implementing his Islamist agenda, slowly but steadily changing Turkey from a secular democracy to an Islamist state.

The Muslim Link confirms the new centre will have five buildings, including a mosque “constructed using sixteenth century Ottoman architecture that can hold 750 worshippers.”[8]

According to the Assembly of Turkish American Associations, the Turkish American Culture and Civilization Centre in Maryland will include facilities for activities relating to:

  • Religious services and education
  • Turkish language education
  • Turkish history lectures
  • Turkish culinary arts classes
  • Cultural exchange
  • Recreation, sports, and health
  • U.S. immigration and citizenship
  • Women’s equality and empowerment education
  • Civic engagement and public advocacy
  • Business, commerce and trade development
  • Spiritual wellness

British planning lawyer Gavin Boby,[II] an expert on zoning permissions who has successfully blocked the construction of more than 16 mosques in the U.K., explained that the significance of mosques extends far beyond religious purposes:

This is the Islamic doctrine, every mosque is instructed to be based upon the original mosque in Medina, where Muhammad originally in the 7th century set up his religious- political doctrine of social control, and the mosque is a place of government, it is a place where treaties are made, death sentences are passed, armies are blessed and dispatched, it is primarily about political control and it is very much used as a tool of advance.

William Federer, author of What Every American Needs to Know about the Quran:A History of Islam and the United States listed dozens of historical cases in which mosques were erected as signs of Muslim conquest.[9]

In 630 A.D. after he captured Mecca, Muhammad himself converted the Ka’aba, a pagan pantheon, into a mosque.

Gavin Boby, who runs the Law and Freedom Foundation, an organization for the purpose of promoting freedom under the law, also explained that the word “mosque” is strategically omitted during the application process:

“The method is very simple,” he said. “A planning application gets submitted for a mosque in an area, and it will never be called a ‘mosque.’ It will be called a community centre; an inter- faith centre; a public community, harmony-building outreach centre, and then the neighbours contact us, and it’s usually people who have never been involved in politics before, are shy of politics and officialdom and ask us to help them to resist it.”[10]

While Turkey pours millions into this “cultural centre” in Maryland, it has also been working with Hamas to aid the so-called rebels in their fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, according to informed Middle Eastern security officials previously speaking to WND. The Egyptian intelligence official further stated Turkey has been aiding the Muslim Brotherhood military and terrorist efforts, including financial support funnelled through international firms.

In February 2013, Republican Senators John McCain and Lindsay Graham came out in support of the Muslim Brotherhood during the Egyptian elections. Following the “Arab Spring” colour revolution last January staged by the Pentagon and the State Department and its armada of NGOs, the Egyptian military has ruled the country with an iron fist.

“I was very apprehensive when I heard the election results,” said Graham in response to the Muslim Brotherhood’s victory in the Egyptian elections. “But after visiting and talking to the Muslim Brotherhood, I am hopeful that they will be able to deliver not only for the Egyptian people, but that we can have a relationship with Egypt, with the Muslim Brotherhood as a strong political voice.”

In early August 2013, the military coup deposed Egypt’s elected president, Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Morsy. But the Muslim Brotherhood takeover in Egypt has been stopped dead in its tracks by a true people’s revolution that has brought the military to power. The Muslim Brotherhood has responded by attacking Christians and their churches.[11]

Should the United States be allied with radical Islamic jihadists that dismember little girls while they are still alive? That question sounds ridiculously absurd, but that is precisely what Barack Obama is allowing. Obama wants the United States to go to war so that it will be easier for al-Qaeda to take over Syria. If America willingly sides with psychotic, murderous savages that behead little children, it will bring a curse upon the nation.[12]

A recent siege in the Christian village of Maaloula [III] – one of the most famous and historic centres of Christianity in the world – has magnified the stark threat to the minority community’s very survival in the country. Al-Qaeda- linked rebels seized control of the village, where Aramaic, the ancient language spoken by the Lord Jesus, is still used; fighting against government forces is ongoing. The rebels have been attacking Christian homes and churches, destroying Christian symbols. The bodies of Christians killed in the violent takeover have been left lying in the streets, and Christian residents have been threatened with beheading if they do not convert to Islam.

Maaloula has been left a ghost town, as most of its population of around 3,000 has fled.[13]

Muslim Mayhem

While Obama dances with the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East, he allows for strong Muslim influence within the USA. How else could a museum which commemorates the tragedy of 911, present the Muslim perspective of the horror of that day? That’s like having writings from Hitler or Himmler presented in the Jewish Holocaust museum, justifying their genocide of six million Jews.

Given that Al-Qaeda head, Ayman al- Zawahri is now the spiritual leader of the primary Syrian opposition group, it’s unsurprising that opposition militants sing the praises of his predecessor Osama Bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks.

On September 17, 2013, the White House announced that President Obama has waived portions of a federal law aimed at preventing arms being sold to terrorist groups. He did this so that the Syrian rebels could legally be supplied weaponry and ammunition. This waiver could prove problematic, according to The Washington Examiner, since a significant portion of the Syrian opposition has been connected to radical Islamic terrorist groups including al Qaeda.[14]

What should be shocking to Americans is the fact that the CIA is sending weapons to rebels who have pledged allegiance and are defecting to Jabhat al-Nusra in their droves. This is a group responsible for killing US troops in Iraq. Essentially, the Central Intelligence Agency is arming a terrorist group which is directed by the head of Al-Qaeda, who is simultaneously calling for terror attacks inside the United States – and it’s all being conducted in plain view.[15]

Al Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahri urged small-scale attacks inside the United States to “bleed America economically”, adding he hoped eventually to see a more significant strike,” reports Reuters. “We should bleed America economically by provoking it to continue in its massive expenditure on its security, for the weak point of America is its economy, which has already begun to stagger due to the military and security expenditure,” he said.

The Egyptian army launched their crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood after evidence indicated the Islamist group was creating its own military and terrorist apparatus, a high-ranking Egyptian intelligence official told WND.

Turkish Tactics

The Egyptian intelligence official confirmed the Hamas-Turkish co- operation and claimed it extended to the Muslim Brotherhood, which asked Hamas to aid in their efforts to build a military wing.

Andrew McCarthy, writing for the neo-con National Review Online, seemed to be perplexed by the Graham-McCain affinity for a notorious Muslim organization. In a February 2012 article, he recited the Muslim Brotherhood’s transgressions, from calling for Sharia law to its supposed creation of Hamas.

“We did not get the McCain presidency, but we have gotten the McCain foreign policy...,” a disappointed McCarthy wrote. “When it comes to the Muslim Brotherhood, it turns out that mavericks and community organizers are on the same page.”[16]

An Egyptian Air Force officer currently residing in the United States who has pressed terrorist charges in Egypt against President Obama’s half-brother Malik has characterized the decision of the Egyptian government to prosecute the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt as a conflict of “moderate Muslims vs. the Obama brothers.”[17]

Muslim Mavericks

As the date of Jan. 8, 2014 approaches and Egypt prepares for the next appearance in court of former president Mohamed Morsi and the 14 Muslim Brotherhood leaders facing charges of incitement to murder. Sadek Raouf Ebeid believes the Obama brothers will be implicated because of their support for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Earlier this month, WND reported Egyptian lawyers have filed criminal terrorism charges in the International Criminal Court against President Obama, in addition to the criminal terrorism charges previously filed in Egyptian courts against Malik.

The charges filed in the International Criminal Court assert President Obama co-ordinated, incited and assisted the armed elements of the Muslim Brotherhood in the commission of crimes against humanity, including the torching, destruction and plundering of some 85 Christian churches from March 7 through Aug. 18 in Egypt.[18]

The Shoebat Foundation has published photos and indisputable evidence that a gentleman by the name of Malik Obama, is serving as the right arm of General al-Bashir. Photos of Malik Obama participating in an al-Bashir-sponsored organization are now on the desk of Egypt’s A.G., Hisham Barakat, which seeks to question Malik.


Malik Obama and Barack Obama

In August, WND reported that Tehani al-Gebali, the vice president of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, gave a speech and participated in an interview broadcast on Egyptian television, identifying Malik Obama as “a major architect” managing investments for the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. WND also reported in August the Egyptian government planned to introduce evidence the Obama administration paid bribes as large as $850,000 to individually named Muslim Brotherhood leaders, through the U.S. Embassy in Cairo.[19]

Middle East expert Raymond Ibrahim said in a paper published Nov. 12 on the website of the Gatestone Institute that the attacks began with the June 30 Revolution that “saw the ousting of President Morsi and this prompted the Muslim Brotherhood to scapegoat and incite violence against the Copts.”(Coptic Christians). He noted the attacks were especially devastating in Minya in Upper Egypt, where the large Christian community was hit especially hard, with at least 20 attacks on churches, Christian schools and orphanages.

“Teachers who teach western education? We will kill them! We will kill them in front of their students, and tell the students to henceforth study the Quran.” — Abubakar Shekau, leader of Boko Haram

According to Ibrahim, the goal of radical Muslims in their attack on the Copts in Egypt was “to erase all the traces of a Christian presence,” such that even the orphanages were looted and destroyed.[20]

Even in Australia, nearly 300 Australians of Middle Eastern descent are involved in violent jihad in Syria against the regime of President Bashar al-Assad, according to members of pro-Syrian government groups in Australia. Joe Khalouf, a Victorian organiser of the Hands Off Syria movement, said more than 290 Australian passport- holders had left Sydney in the past seven months to join the uprising in Syria, which had been hijacked by Islamic fundamentalists.[21]


It may seem acceptable now to have a mosque pop up in your suburb under the guise of ongoing religious peace, tolerance, and multi-culturalism, as advocated by governments in the west; but that new mosque will one day become the focal point for Jihadist thinking, and those who maim and kill in Egypt, Syria, and Nigeria, will in turn massacre without flinching, a group of children in your neighbourhood, and the blood won’t be on their hands.

About the Author:

Lance Goodall and his wife Norilyn left the Australian church growth movement (aka Hillsong) in 2009. They both have a concern for the knowledge of God and His glory. They carry in their heart, a love for God’s honour, for His Word, and for the salvation of the lost. Lance can be contacted via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

End notes:

18. ibid
19. ibid
[I] The major split in Islam is that between the majority Sunnis and the minority Shiites. The split goes back to events in the 7th century -
[II] Gavin Boby, known as the Mosque Buster - not for getting mosques demolished, but for blocking building applications, especially in poor areas where the residents don’t know how or what they can do. Often they are pensioners who will be driven out once the mosque is up, and the whole area changes. Gavin Boby didn’t like what he was seeing. As a teenager, he began speaking up to people bullying other people. Once again, he began to do that - now using his legal training -
[III] Ma’loula, Maaloula, or Ma’lula (Aramaic: ‫ܐܠܘܠܥܡ‬‎ , Maʿlūlā; Arabic: ‫الولعم‬‎ Maʿlūlā) is a village in the Rif Dimashq Governorate in Syria. The town is located 56 km to the northeast of Damascus, and built into the rugged mountainside, at an altitude of more than 1500 metres. It is known as one of three places where Western Aramaic is still spoken, the other two being the nearby villages Jubb Adin and Bakh’a -

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